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Stink Brand

70s Stink solid cologne - 1oz tin

70s Stink solid cologne - 1oz tin

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70s Stink solid cologne

1 oz tin container

Fragrance description:

Engulf yourself in the freshness of our masculine '70s vintage scent, reminiscent of Old Spice cologne. Bursting notes of orange, lime, lily of the valley, and mint rounded out with an earthy patchouli, mossy, and musky base.


Stink Brand 1-ounce solid colognes and perfumes are expertly handcrafted in the USA with a nourishing blend of all-natural ingredients including beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and fragrance oils. This moisturizing formula not only provides a delightful scent but also helps to hydrate your skin.

How to use:

Gently glide your fingertips over the balm and lightly dab it onto your pulse points, such as the wrists and neck. The compact travel tin makes it convenient for application throughout the day. For a more pronounced fragrance experience, use the Stink Brand guitar pick included in the tin to extract a small amount, approximately the size of a pea, and apply it to your skin. Then, massage it into your arms, wrists, and neck to enhance the scent, ensuring a stronger and longer-lasting aroma. Additionally, given the unique nature of everyone's skin, it is recommended to perform a patch test before applying the balm fully. Apply a small amount of the balm to a test area on your skin to ensure compatibility and check for any potential allergic reactions. Safety should always be prioritized!

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