Scents and Info

Barbershop - Buy now

Sure to remind you of the bygone era of old-time barber shops. Talcum, amber and rum blended with musk for that familiar, old-timey scent.

70s Stink (Old Spice) - Buy now

Engulf yourself in the freshness of our masculine '70s vintage scent, reminiscent of Old Spice cologne. Bursting notes of orange, lime, lily of the valley, and mint rounded out with an earthy patchouli, mossy, and musky base.

Cobra Stink (Aqua Di Gio) - Buy now

This sexy, masculine fragrance is comprised of neroli, bergamot, tangerine, jasmine and rosemary on a bed of patchouli and woods. This is our professional interpretation of Armani's Acqua Di Gio. (Not affiliated with Armani*)

Pink Stink (Cotton Candy) - Buy now

Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil - Sticky and sweet just like at the carnival! Fluffy, spun sugar on a stick!

Chopper Stink (Black River Musk) - Buy now

This one is a super sexy, seductive musk fragrance. Warm amber blended with sandalwood, velvety florals and warm dark musks create this sultry fragrance.

Hookers and Cocaine - Launching Aug 1st

Behold the smell of rolled up twenties. Fresh, light, clean and green. Listed as a solid cologne, but the fragrance is light enough to be called unisex. Smells so good you'll wanna snort it. But don't!!


Additional Information

Our fragrances and products are not test on animals.

Fragrances comply with the strictest global RIFM and IFRA standards

Fragrance oils are manufactured in the USA.

Not responsible for misuse, accidents or adverse skin reactions that may occur with use of our products. Always do small testing area on skin first.

Never ingest any of our fragrances.